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1) Male zinc BNC connector.

2) High performance video transmitting.

3) Built-in transient surpression protection.Product Featurea) High quality zinc alloy Male BNC, stable video signal transmitting.

b) Compact design, can be installed side by side on the DVR neatly.

c) High quality discharging tube, perfect transient supression protection. Can work in bad weather.

d) CE, FCC, RoHs compliantProduct Specification/ModelsBalun Type: Passive Video transmitting distance 330m with passive video transceiver 1500m with active video transceiver Video Formats: NTSC, PAL, SECAM Crosstalk & noise immunity: 60dB Built-in transient supression protection: Yes Frequency Response: DC to 8MHz Working temperature: -10 Celsius to + 70 Celsius Storage Temperature: -30 Celsius to + 70 Celsius Material: ABS PlasticApplicationCCTV Surveillance video signal transmitting.Netview CCTV Video Ground Loop Isolators reduce "Ground Loop Interference" with Video / CCTV signals. They are useful where a video signal is transmitted between 2 points with different ground potentials, differences in ground potentials are typically caused by unbalanced power line loads.Troubleshooting: Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)Ground loop interference is caused by EMI.

When there is large difference in ground potentials between two points EMI may occur. Differences in ground potentials are typically caused by unbalanced power line loads, and the peak-to-peak magnitude may vary from 0 volts to more than 10 volts.Ground Loop Isolators help prevent EMI. Ground Loop Isolators reduce the interference between the camera and the DVR by producing equal and opposite magnetic fields that cancels one another.Our Ground Loop Isolators have built-in

1. Wave rejection,

2. Built in TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressors) for surge protection

3. Interference Rejection

4. Noise Filter.This device will prevent ghosting in the picture by absorbing and eliminating the reflected video ghost signal. It will also restore the characteristic impedence of the downstream video signal to prevent secondary ghosting in the image

Consider installing these on EVRY installation on EVEY camera even where NO Ground Loops exist and you will be surprised how much it improves the picture quality!

It will also reduce future unpredicted distortion problems and interference issues.

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